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John Morrell, at Tomamu, 2016.

John Morrell, at Tomamu, 2016.

Welcome to Hokkaido's Alpine Backcountry Guides

I have been lucky to have had a career ski guiding in central Hokkaido since 1984 and have been skiing backcountry and resort here since 1981.

If there is one word that sums up central Hokkaido’s most important feature and it is this, consistency. Many places in the world and throughout Japan have great powder snow.  What sets central Hokkaido apart from the pack though, is that the odds here favour deep, light, soft, powder snow. Here, powder snow is the norm and that is why we have skiers coming year after year, certain in the knowledge that their best chance of deep powder is in central Hokkaido, coupled with our 34 years of experience and knowledge of putting people onto the world’s best lines, year after year.

Whether you are looking at resort or backcountry or combinations of both, we have something for you. I look forward to you joining us for some great powder skiing and a great cultural experience in central Hokkaido.  John Morrell Furano August 2017.

Here at Alpine Backcountry we love the deep just as much as anyone, but the true lure of the backcountry is more then just steep face shots. 90% of our day here in the hills is about the beauty, the rhythm of the climb, the camaraderie, the shared adventure, the low angle with the perfect hero powder and the deep smiles that will last till your next adventure.

Backcountry Ski Tours Hokkaido

We offer a range of scheduled guided tours throughout the Hokkaido winter. Follow the links below for more details. If our tours and dates don't suit and you have a group of skiers looking for a guided departure, contact us for a private guided proposal.

Hokkaido Backcountry Rental Shop

We have the only comprehensive backcountry rental in central Hokkaido. Visit our dedicated rental site for all details on our rental options in both Furano and new outlet in Asahi Dake. Our Furano shop is only 100 m from the Kitanomine Gondola and our Asahi Dake shop is in the foyer of the Hotel Bear Monte, 5 minutes from the Asahi Dake gondola.

Alpine Backcountry Furano.

Alpine Backcountry Furano.