Day Tours General Information

  1. Schedule. We publish day trips on our shop noticeboard once we know the likely snow and weather conditions will make for a great experience. Once we advertise a day trip, you can book it in our shop Alpine Backcountry Rental in Furano. 
  2. Private Tours. Bookings for private guiding in the 2018-2019 season will open on July 1, 2018. Feel free to come into the shop and ask what might be coming up if you are in Furano. You may wish to fill all six places in a day trip we intend to offer.  
  3. Prebooking. If you wish to prebook prior to arrival, we require a minimum of two days for private guided day tours. Please note we reserve the right to pick the daily destination, based on weather and snow conditions, that give you the best possible powder conditions.
  4. Pricing. See each location for individual and group prices for each area.
  5. Bookings. Bookings will open on July 1, 2018. Thank you for your patience.
  6. Tour Numbers. Please note if booking individually, we need a minimum of four to run any day trip. If less than four, you will have a surcharge option (dependent on numbers and destination).
  7. Guide Ratio. We have a guide ratio of 6:1. Larger groups will require two guides.
  8. Snow Board & Skiers Policy. We do not mix snow boarders and skiers on the same tour for any off piste skiing unless agreed with all participants. We recognize different lines are required and limitations occur, such as when traversing. Snow Boarders ask about dedicated snow board guides.  This does not apply to private groups of mixed snow boarders and skiers.
  9. Booking Form and Travel Insurance. All participants are required to sign a booking form and waiver of liability before joining the tour. You must have appropriate travel insurance. Payment can be by cash or credit card on the day of booking in our shop at Kitanomine, near Furano ski resort.
  10. Required Equipment. For all tours that include backcountry, skiers require Alpine Touring or Telemark skis. Snow boarder require, snow shoes, back pack and 3 piece poles. All of this equipment is available for rental from our two shops in either Furano or Asahi Dake (Hotel Bear Monte foyer, 2 minutes from the Asahi Dake gondola). We don't carry split boards.
  11. Rental Equipment. Our backcountry rental shop allows us to provide equipment at a 10% discount for all participants. All compulsory safety gear (Beacon/Shovel/Probe) included in tour fee. 5% tour discount if you have your own functioning beacon/shovel/probe.