Backcountry Ski Tokachi

The Tokachi mountains are quite simply back country paradise. Everything that applies to Asahi Dake and Daisetsusan National Park in general also applies here. However, there are two marked differences between the two locations. Whereas Asahi Dake has a majority of more open rolling terrain with above the tree line skiing, Tokachi has steeper fingers of powder reaching down deep into the forest. The aspect is also different. Whereas a lot of the skiable terrain at Asahi Dake has a more southerly aspect, exposing the slopes to the sun, Tokachi faces the cold north, helping to maintain quality powder deep in the afforested valleys long after the snow has stopped falling.

Nothing comes close to the spectacular ridges and valleys of this volcanic range that faces northwest. Such runs as the 'Classic' and the 'Magic Forest' have to be skied to be believed. Like most places in central Hokkaido and particularly in Daisestsusan National Park, the frequency and consistency of the snow pack sets it head and shoulders above most other world ski destinations. Add to that classic mountain lodges whose views will take your breath away and you have all the ingredients for the trip of a lifetime.

The skiing is all done with climbing skins and either telemark equipment or alpine touring equipment. Downhill skis with attachments such as Alpine Trekkers will get you by but we recommend going beyond this to a true back country setup.

These mountains are for adventure skiers only, where you earn your turns in the classic mould of the world's great skiing destinations. Ski runs are accessed after typically 2-3 hour climbs. However, we have developed several runs where we use local transport for the return climb giving you some free powder hits.

Our unique experience of skiing and guiding in these mountains since 1981 is your key to a successful and safe holiday.







skills: grading

The nature of this ski area lends itself to intermediate to advanced skiers. Although there are some very basic valleys and routes where cross country skiers can enjoy this area in a relaxed manner, to venture into the higher ridges and valleys, some basic skiing skills are needed.

Warning: During severe weather caution is required in these mountains due to white out, extreme cold and possible blizzard conditions.